Belgian Cultural Sector for Ukraine

In response to the immense tragedy of the Russian war against Ukraine, and the quantities of requests for help that overflow the existing support organizations, we Belgian artists, cultural workers and cultural institutions, join efforts to create the pan-Belgian emergency fund to overcome the hardships many artists and cultural workers are facing.

In the meanwhile of creating a proper web-platform, this landing page is the first step in coordinating collective effort all over Belgium.

To address emergency here go three first & easy actions =>

This initiative aims to create synergy and cross-network cooperation between multiple already existing and emerging initiatives on institutional and individual, country-wide and local levels.


We target and work towards creating structural cooperation across Belgium on mid-to-long term basis in order to support artists and cultural workers at risk caused by the war in Ukraine. This coordinated effort should contribute to multiple already existing national and European initiatives to build an agile infrastructure for solidarity, participation and care.